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time limited and this is his reaction. He has a short time only.

2 But why is he being given any time at all? Genesis 3:1 shows us Satan as the serpent. He quoted the words of God about obedience, but he put the words as question - ‘Hath God said...’ This immediately causes doubt in God. He then follows it up with a direct contradiction of what God had said would be the result of such disobedience. Now God had a problem. Adam and Eve had believed Satan, although Satan had tricked them. Also it must be remembered that Satan had taken with him a third of the angels in heaven, but that leaves two thirds still in

heaven, who would have seen these events. They would be asking perhaps - was God right or was Satan right after all, and had God cast him out of heaven unfairly?

3. How was this dilemma to be resolved fairly, once and for all? God had been openly challenged and contradicted. Revelation 14:7 tells us that ‘the hour of God’s judgement has come.’ The judgement of God involves ‘every nation and kindred and tongue and people’ so it is global. Satan has taken his side openly against God with numerous followers, who live as he does, by destroying, hurting and cheating out for their own ends. Is there anybody on the side of God? Anybody who is totally loyal to God? This is what the trial is looking for. God needs witnesses.

4. How will this loyalty be revealed, because we cannot see what is in the heart? Revelation 14:7 tells us, that who we worship and obey is the key factor in revealing our loyalty. God gave the ten commandments in Exodus 20. Satan, through men, has changed them. Therefore which version we keep, shows who we are loyal to. Sometimes the words are changed, sometimes traditions are added to the commandments, making the change in people’s thinking. But in either case, to keep man-made tradition is to worship God ‘in vain’. See Mark 7:7 All of us ‘are made a spectacle unto the world , and to angels and to men.’ 1 Corinthians 4:8. God has allowed Satan to develop his way of ruling a world. We do not like it, and this is why we ask the questions, but God could not destroy Satan until Satan had shown his hand completely. The unfallen angels could otherwise have thought that God was afraid of Satan, or that Satan was really
right. Or it might be that they would think God was a tyrant who could not handle a challenge to his government.

5. How long will the misery continue? The time now, is very close to when Satan will be destroyed along with his angels and his followers. And God has promised that affliction will not rise up the second time. Suffering of all kinds will be finished forever.

But it seems that we are caught in the middle of this struggle. It does not seem fair.


At least God has been truthful with us. He said ‘In this world ye shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer I have overcome the world.’ John16:33. When Jesus died on the cross, God gave the ultimate demonstration of love. The punishment for rebellion under God’s government, is death, and we have all rebelled and taken Satan’s side at some time. By rights we should die with Satan at the end. But Jesus, who is God, died in our place so giving us a probationary lifespan, plus all the information in the

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